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Our Story- The True West Coast is everywhere. It might be on the west coast of the island of Hokkaido. It might be glimpsed looking out at a sunset in Bradenton, Florida. The ideal in people's minds is Cali is the only west coast. The True West Coast is where the writer connects to the most energy- in Biarritz, Oristano, Goa, or Lofoten. The people who live in these places create their art through their lifestyle, arts, fashion and culture. This is the place where you will here about The True West Coast. And, of course it is in Malibu as well!!!

Mission Statement: Where is The True West Coast? Is it with the exclusive set living on Point Dume? Is it with the jet set sipping their coffee in Kona? No. The True West Coast is a state of mind, a revel-stoke of massive proportions that can occur anywhere. It is anywhere where a man is dropping the engine in his new Craft. It is in a backyard where a girl is welding art on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is especially a symbol in the minds of every poet and fiction writer. Here is where you will come into contact with these inner resources.


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