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Looking for a free diving report? Sick and tired of no online diving report? Los Angeles County  Dive Conditions? Orange County Dive Report? Beach Diving conditions for the  Southern  California Coast? Have you ever wondered what the scuba diving conditions were like in Malibu Colony? Latigo?  Point Dume? Deer Creek??? Ventura County Line? Harriman's Reef? Ever wonder what the conditions were like in Pirate's Cove? Laguna Beach? La Jolla? Leucadia? WindandSea? Been looking for a listing of local Southern California diving conditions?  Our group will keep you informed. Our group of freedivers, scuba divers, and surfers call in their reports to us daily. We are conservative in our estimates, even stingy. Consult with us and many other sources for an accurate picture. Our listing stretches from Jalama and Carpenteria in Santa Barbara, and the Santa Monica Bay over to Palos Verdes to Northern Baja-  Puerto Nuevo, Salsipuedes and both sides of Punta Banda. Our group of scuba enthusiasts, freedivers, and skin divers will keep you informed of the realities of the Southern California beach diving scene. Dive coniditions in Laguna Beach?? Consult with Surfline and other sources, but check with us before you grab your gear and head for the beach. We would rather divers got mad at us for calling the vis 8-12 than an actual 10-18; because, if you got a good dive in, and could see 12-14 feet underwater then what the heck are you complaining about?? It's about following the conditions day in and day out. You got an acceptable dive in. We have to be super conservative and stingy, so you make an informed decision. Normally, we dive 2 to 3 times a week. When you wake up in the morning, check out our online dive report, forum section/message board, and used equipment classifieds. Our dive group has set this up not for commercial gain, but to give back to the dive community.  We've been diving for 35 years.









Always swim and surf near a manned lifeguard tower and practice the buddy system of diving. Diving is a dangerous activity that can result in dismemberment, accidental occurrences, or death. This report is not designed to over-ride the personal choice not to dive or common sense which dictates staying out of the water. Always observe the conditions before entering the ocean.



Deer Creek- 8'

Harrisson's Reef/County Line- 8-10'

Big Dume- 8'

Pirate's Cove- 8'

Paradise Cove- 10+'   

Escondido Beach- 10'

Latigo- 10'

Malibu Colony-  10'

Malibu Big Rock- 8'

Haggerty's/Malaga Cove- 5-7'  

Rocky Point- 10'

Lunada Bay- 10'

Point San Vincente- 10'

Laguna- 10-12' 

Dana Point/Salt Creek- 10-12'

Leucadia- 10'

La Jolla, San Diego- 12'

Salsipuedes-  10'

Punta Banda South-  25'

Punta Banda North- 10'